How to Jump Start a Car

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What's Involved in Jump-Starting a Car, and When Would I Need to Do This?

The car’s battery is an essential & integral part of a car as it helps in the overall functions of the car’s electrical system. Regular inspection & maintenance of the battery helps extend its natural life as it is really important. Usually, the cold weather is the primary reason for the loss of battery life. Sometimes, you need to jump-start your car, all you need to do is pair jumper cables & a vehicle with a functioning battery.

Things You'll Need

Jumper Cables

Step by Step: How to Jump-Start a Car

1. Firstly you need to park the working car right in front of the dead car from nose to nose. Ensure you still maintain 10-15 inches of distance between them for proper safety. Keep the engines off with parking brakes on.

2. Open the hood of both the cars & in the dead car, clamp the red end of the jumper cable battery’s positive terminal with a positive symbol to the other end to the working car’s positive terminal. 

3. Now in the working car, clamp the black cable to the working negative end & at the other end to an exposed metal section. You can find it as a bracket or bolt, at least a foot away from the battery. You need to be very attentive at this moment as you need to be aware of cross-connections to avoid further failure along with a lot of smoke & sparks.

4. Keep the car running for 2 minutes while slightly revving the engine. 

5. Now try to start the vehicle with the dead battery. Your car won’t start in a single attempt as you need to try 2-3 attempts. But do not try it more than 4 times in a row as it can damage your car’s electrical system. 

6. Once the vehicle with the dead battery starts. While disconnecting the cables do it in a reverse order in which you connected them. 

7. Drive the car so its battery gets charged to its full capacity so it doesn’t cause problems while starting. So, keep the lights off while driving it.