When to Replace Tires

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Why Is It Important to Inspect Your Tires Periodically?

Tires are a very important aspect of any vehicle’s safety as they also contribute to less effective steering, braking & even accelerating if they are old or have gone through tear & gear. The damaged tires can increase the risk of an accident or breakdown & make the situation out of your hand. Such tires should be replaced ASAP as they are also the simplest part of the body to change easily.

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Step by Step: How to Inspect Your Tires

Step 1 – When tires have experienced a lot of roads or years then their tread depth decreases. You can also check the manufacturer’s guide for minimum tread depth, & the tire tread depth gauge is only a few dollars. While inspection if your tire shows tread wear indicators, then it is time for tire replacement.

Step 2 – Inspect the tread pattern 

Touch & closely lookout for the contact surface of the tire, determining if the wear pattern is even. If you find uneven tears then there might be a requirement of maintenance as it can refer to any mechanical problem. 

Step 3 – Inspect the sidewall

Over & underinflation can damage the sidewall in addition to abrasions while driving the car. 

Step 4 – Repeat these steps for all four tires in your vehicle to find if there is any problem with a tire or with the car.

Additional Tips 

-> The tear patterns on the tire can indicate other problems like suspension issues. 

-> If there is rapid wear at the center of the trend may indicate overinflation. 

-> If there is rapid wear at the shoulder of the trend may indicate underinflation. 

-> If there is rapid wear on one of the edges then it indicates steering or suspension problems, due to cornering speed. 

-> If the tire is turning bald or uneven patterns then it will indicate an unbalanced wheel or even a mechanical issue with the suspension in your car.

-> Tread wear indicators on the tire are nubs or bard between tread patterns, but the design varies by manufacturer.

What Tools Do I Need to Inspect My Tires?

Just search for the little information on the internet and use your eyes very well. The tread depth gauge is useful & inexpensive to find these wear in your vehicle’s tires.