Certified Cars

Buying a Certified Car

The long process of buying a used car can be shortened with a certified pre-owned vehicle. While buying an already used car people prefer a clean history vehicle & the same is accepted into certified pre-owned programs by auto makers & dealers at Cardealersbay. The multi point inspection & reconditioning process at our platform you can never go wrong with certified pre-owned cars. The CPO cars have extended warranty protection which saves you from unnecessary payout with the car. Most certified pre-owned programs provide free 24 hour roadside assistance that lasts for the duration of the extended basic warranty coverage which gives satisfaction guarantee.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Certified Car

Pro 1 – The certified car comes with warranty coverage, roadside assistance which makes the buying a certified car almost like buying a new car with peace in your mind.

Pro 2 – The dealers have a multiple thorough inspection along with repairs before certifying the car.

Pro 3 – Certified Pre-owned vehicles come with vehicle history reports which includes number of owners, maintenanced date & original price for your ease.

Pro 4 – Many pre-owned vehicles include buyback protection if you, being the buyer, later discovers the car had flood, fire damage or a rolled back odometer.

Con 1 – Vehicle history reports don’t include all accidents, so you might have zero information how it was treated by the previous owner, even if they have changed the oil or not.

Con 2 – Some of the CPO cars used to work heavily on roads. It means the owners & the drivers didn’t think about engine, suspension etc. So you have no idea about the life of such things in CPO cars.

Con 3 -If you are looking at late CPO cars then it probably has original battery, rotors & brake pads. These items are not covered by the CPO as these are classified as “Wear Items”. So, you have to pay for these replacements.

Con 4 – The life of CPO & used cars are many times the same. It depends on the make & model that you are buying. Very old cars don’t have a life more than 4 years & the same is followed by used cars depending on it’s usage.