Florida is known because it is very expensive to live in this state but it is also an expensive state for your vehicle’s insurance. Yes, the auto insurance rates in Florida is much higher as compared to other states and there are many factors behind it. First of all it is because of the large number of senior residents in the state, because of the many car accidents and the no fault insurance system in Florida. Another problem is the usual hurricane threat, which eventually increases in the insurance rates on cars & property. Still, you can find many insurance companies which provide good discounts as well as protection but you must know everything about them. So, we have compiled a list of top auto insurance companies in Florida just for you.


Geico is one of the top insurance providing companies in the whole country as it gets high scores in nearly every possible category. In Florida it comes at third position in customer service and is cheaper than the other two insurance companies that lead in customer service. Geico is very financially stable and has the best overall experience with auto insurance. However, if you are looking for a more personal agent experience, where they can help you with manually then you should look elsewhere.


Safeco provides the best car insurance in Florida where people can find reasonable rates with good customer service. It has a meager NAIC ratio at 0.54, which is far below the average for car insurance companies, and lower the number the fewer customers complain about them. If you have classic cars then you must go for Safeco for your car insurance. The only drawback with Safeco is not able to provide good financial strength like other top insurance companies. If you are looking for reasonable insurance rates, good customer service and quality classic car insurance, then Safeco is a good choice but if you want a more financially stable company then you look elsewhere.

Best Military Insurance: USAA

USAA auto insurance offers excellent customer service at reasonable rates and even has a good website with perks like high financial stability. They can be the best insurance for Florida residents but they only provide insurance to former US military members and their close family members. And if you are eligible then this is the best auto insurance in Florida.


Progressive provides one of the most cheapest auto insurance in Florida as it is best for young drivers and those with troubled driving records. Usually, high school and college students look for Progressive as it has attractive insurance rates which are in budget. They have a super easy website to navigate and superb other categories. If you’re looking for the cheapest rates then Progressive is a great choice.


After USAA, MetLife has the best customer service among Florida insurance companies. The only difference is that the insurance rates are higher as well. For instance, coverage for a driver in the early 20s age group can cost around $11,000 per year. On the other hand Geico charges under $4000 for the same category per year. The one thing they have is a 50 percent discount for associated companies. However, if you are looking for cheap rates then you should look somewhere else.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies Per Driver

Here is a list of the best companies for cheap car insurance depending on where you fall as a driver.

  • USAA – Military family
  • Geico – Teen
  • State Farm – Single Young adult
  • State Farm – Married Adult
  • State Farm – Good Credit
  • State Farm – Bad Credit
  • Geico – Clean Record
  • State Farm – One Speeding Violation
  • Geico – One Accident

Why Does Florida Have Varying Rates?

As we have mentioned earlier, Florida is one of the more expensive states to get your vehicles insured. Miami is also one of the most expensive in the state and one of the most expensive cities. And because of the higher prices in greater Miami, the average rates for the rates of the state are unnaturally skewed. One reason is car insurance fraud in Miami and the rest of it is simply a lot of bad driving in the city. High congestion and bad driving cause a lot of car accidents, which results in a lot of claims, which in turn causes high insurance rates.