If any vehicle has been salvaged and then was restored to roadworthy condition is usually known as rebuilt title. Salvage titles are issues for cars that have been damaged in a crash, accident or weather event. It can be deemed by an insurance company to be totalled & too damaged to justify the repair cost.

For instance, if the cost of a damaged car is equal to the amount of the original vehicle then insurance companies just total it out instead of paying for the whole amount. Many times the vehicle is repairable but still the insurance company chooses to not have it fixed as it will cost too much. So when the salvage title is issued for a vehicle, the car can be sold to someone else for which it can be scrapped or rebuilt depending on the condition.

What Does Rebuilt Title Mean?

Rebuilt title varies different from one state to another, but usually it is defined as the title issued after a car which previously had a salvage title and it has been successfully restored to safe or working order again. It is different from clean title, which is issued when cars have no history of being totalled or damaged to extinction level. A salvaged car is scanned & approved by the state before changing its title from Salvage to Rebuilt.

Why should I care if the car has been rebuilt?

It’s crucial to know what kind of vehicle you are dealing with. Because used cars can have internal problems which can affect its safety, performance & reliability. Sometimes the rebuilt vehicles are dumped so much they never work safely and properly. Such cars are illegal to fix but still some dealers try to solve it anyway.

Things to Ponder while Buying a Rebuilt Title

You need to know what sort of damage was done to the vehicle? You can get this information from the Department of Motor vehicles or can get a report from Carfax or Autocheck.

  • If the frame has been restored to the right position so it won’t put a strain on everything from the brakes and drivetrain to the tires and wheels.
  • It was also important to know what quality repair job was done and where it was performed so you have the complete information even if it is rebuilt. You need to make sure the parts used in the repair are good quality and properly functional as many unethical shops and dealers use temporary parts to make maximum profit.
  • There is no full proof way to know for certain how well repairs have been done, you should always have any car with a rebuilt title thoroughly examined by a certified independent mechanic. Even still you are interested in buying such a vehicle then look out for every paperwork of repair done and the rebuilt quality.
  • Insurance companies usually don’t invest in such cars. Even if they insure they will be hesitant to offer full coverage as the vehicle is compromised. So we suggest to find a strong reason to buy a rebuilt title car. But there are a few advantages too and let us have a look at them too.

Advantages of Buying a Rebuilt car

  • Rebuilt cars come up with the legitimate paperwork so you can invest in a good vehicle at a very low price. A good mechanic from your side can check the vehicle and complete this checkup for you.
  • If the insurance company has not shown interest in your vehicle that doesn’t mean it has no life. If you find the right one, it can be an amazing deal between you and the seller.
  • As we have already mentioned the salvaged vehicle title sells for very less money. This is one advantage which you can take if you want this vehicle for a small time. All you need to remember is a seller is legally required to disclose to the buyer the salvage title status.

While buying a used car can be a really time consuming process. We strongly suggest having a look at every aspect while buying a used car. So when you buy it you will have the best of the best without any future problems.