Used Cars for Sale in Anchorage, AK

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About the City
Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, in the South Central part of the city. The place is not as cold as most people think as the city is in Alaska. The Maritime influence keeps winter temperature around the 20-degree mark. Approximately 250 black bears and 60 grizzly bears live within urban Anchorage and the surrounding area. The Alaska Aviation Museum features 30 historic aircraft is situated in Anchorage. The city is the gateway to nearby wilderness areas and mountains including the Chugach, Kenai & Talkeetna. About 44% of Alaska’s total population is resident in Anchorage. And Anchorage’s public bus system is called the “People Mover”.

Used Cars in Anchorage (Alaska)

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Buy Used Cars in Anchorage (Alaska)

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