When we move forward with a purchase of a vehicle whether it is a new car or a used car you want everything to go smoothly without any problems in the vehicle. People who have recently learned to drive a car or millennials usually opt for a used car as their first option. But you need to peek into the car’s background as part of your research before making any decision no matter if the used is cheap and is still a big purchase for some.

There are two major companies that provide the right information about used cars, first one is Auto check and second is Carafax. Both are subscription services and deliver and the car’s history so people can check out whether to buy a new car or not. Such vehicle reports will make you aware of all the red flags that come up with used vehicles. Both Carafax & Autocheck let you analyze the vehicle’s past as both of them follow similar services. But still there are some key differences you should understand before selecting any of these services.

Things to Remember

  • Both Carafax & AutoCheck are very useful services as they’re only as good as the documentation. If a used car is under repair & fails to update the vehicle’s history. There is no mention of changes made in the engine made by the local mechanic while minor repairing.
  • All the reports from Carafax & AutoCheck do cost money, and if you’re buying a used vehicle without any help from the dealer then such reports are always part of the sales to make it a simpler process.
  • Even if you’re at the dealership you can get the history of the given car. Dealers usually have subscriptions to such platforms and run only a free report which should be considered as an alert.

Data You will Fine on Carafax

  • Odometer Readings
    Carafax provides certified odometer readings so you can move forward with confidence that the readings are not hampered.
  • Title Information
    You can also get the information if the car is a junk, flood, branded title or how the vehicle was used. It will help you know what you can expect from this vehicle in the future.
  • Transfer of Ownership
    Their reports also mention details about the earlier transfers of ownership, as it is important for you to know how many actual owners this vehicle has. This will also help you understand if the seller is the actual owner of the used car or not. This report will also contain information if the vehicle is stolen.
  • Buybacks & Lemons
    Carafax reports are also acknowledged if the vehicle has been problematic in the past or not. You will know where the vehicle was originally registered & used, giving you a better idea of the kind of conditions of the vehicle you are getting.
  • Accidents
    Carafax reports provides guaranteed information about the severe accidents if the used car has ever experienced. However, you can’t find the smaller accidents on Carafax and many times some accidents are not reported to agencies that don’t provide Carafax with the actual data about the car.


  • NHTSA Data
    Autocheck provides National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records that are linked with the used car. With such data on reports you can buy it with confidence that the vehicle has passed every safety standard.
  • Frequent Problems
    This report from Autocheck also checks for the vehicle being abandoned, damaged, junked or even scrapped. You can find data about fire, water damage or any structural damage along with odometer damage if the car has ever witnessed one. You will also find records of manufacturer buybacks or lemons as well as the information of the vehicle is rebuilt or rebuildable.
  • Lower Cost
    Autocheck is cheaper than carfax as their single report cost around $25 and 25 reports over 21 days is $50 and 300 reports has a $100 plan. Because of which dealers use Autocheck.

We suggest you to get the free reports for both of them as even for $65 you will have comprehensive peace of mind while buying a used car. We also suggest to research more about the vehicle and only buy one which you genuinely think would be perfect.