The AWD in vehicles stand for All Wheel Drive & FWD stands for Front Wheel Drive. The main difference in both the drives is where the engine sends power. In FWD vehicles, the engine only powers that front axle, whereas in AWD drive vehicles, the engine powers both front type and rear axles. Usually AWD and FWD decisions while buying a car are very important, it depends on the type of road you are going to ride your new car. Let us have a rundown on the four types of wheel drive systems.

Front Wheel Drive
The vast majority of new cars on the road are front-wheel drive vehicles, including the SUVs. Front-wheel drive of SUVs also comes with additional parts which automatically routes the engine’s power to the rear axle whenever it is necessary. FWD cars usually come in SUV’s because they are perfect for climbing hills and they perform well in slippery conditions. FWD powers all the tyres at the same times because of which they are beneficial as they are cheaper to manufacture and use less space so they are more efficient.

Rear Wheel Drive
This type of drive can usually be seen in sports vehicles, pickup trucks, in older trucks based on SUVs and even in luxury sedans sometimes. It can be defined as the two-wheel drive system that pushes the car from the rear axle. It’s been observed that the RWD system in vehicles provides better handling and distributes spaces more evenly to give better performance. The front wheels aren’t in charge of both steering & powering the vehicle, makers of rear wheel drive vehicles are free to tune the suspension system for handling superiority.

All Wheel Drive
AWD vehicles in the system provide power to each corner of the vehicle, just similar to four wheel drive. But the difference between is AWD is always engaged and provides a different amount of power to the axles totally depending on traction conditions. AWD systems power one set of vehicles, either front or rear. If the car loses traction in one axle, it will automatically divert more power to the other axle to compensate. AWD systems are usually found in car-based SUVs and minivans, but also often make an appearance as an option for performance rear-wheel-drive cars.

Four Wheel Drive
Four wheel drive cars generally and turned for extreme off-road uses like traversing over deep water , scaling boulders or climbing steep hills with poor or not surface tension. It also sends power to all four axles and wheels. The 4WD engine doesn’t wait for any traction to provide the power to the power to any wheel. In addition, some 4WD have two gear ranges, high and low. The low gear ranges provide help with low speed climbing power. You also have the three other options in modern wheel drive vehicles. However, driving a part time 4WD vehicle on the pavement with 4WD enabled can cause damage to the vehicle’s drivetrain.

Whether to Invest in All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive Vehicle?

As we have mentioned earlier that this decision totally depends on the driving conditions you are planning to encounter or you need to face everyday. Two wheel drives can easily handle rain and even the light snowfall on the other hand front wheel drive cars generally eking out rear wheel drive safety. Rear Wheel drive cars provide exceptional performance when the conditions are critical. All wheel drive vehicles are great for light off road driving and typical snow conditions.

Along with the conditions, you also need to look at other factors like fuel efficiency, vehicle drive system etc. Both 4Wd and AWD can lift the car’s engine, so you end up trading efficient fuel economy for that extra traction. In this advanced era, some all wheel drive systems now automatically disconnect power going to the rear axle if the front two already have sufficient traction.

Our Take

When you are mainly looking to drive in the city, a two-wheel drive car is all you need, as it performs well in rain and little snowfall. You also don’t have to spend too much on two wheel drive system cars. However, all wheel drive cars are more expensive and less fuel efficient. But if you want a mix of urban driving and rural performance, then all wheel drive is all you need. So figure out all your requirements, weather and budget and find the most suitable car on Cardealersbay. A platform which connects you with the right dealer right from your home.