To understand the car make & model is really important as it helps in identifying & describing vehicles. So, when you are making up your mind to buy a new car, it is essential to know this information. The top companies like Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, & Honda are all examples of automakers or car makes. So, a model is the specific type of vehicle produced by the automaker. For instance, a Civic is a model of Honda. Other terms which are also essential are the model year, body style and even the trim level. Let us dive deeper to comprehend this much better.

Understanding Car Makes

We all know that manufactures of the usual cars are typically multinational corporations with factories in more than one location. But these companies originated from various countries. For instance, Honda, Subaru, Toyota are all Japanese automakers with satellite branches around the globe . Similarly Hyundai and Kia are Korean and Ford, Chevrolet are American car makers. And brands like Fiat, Porsche, Volkswagen and BMW are European made but still are popular all over the world.

Another thing to remember is sometimes car makes will be made by the same company like Acura is a luxury brand of Honda. Such luxury vehicles are different from the car models found under their parent company brands.

Understanding Car Models

If you are going to buy a new car then understanding car models is really significant. It refers to different types of cars found within one car brand. Car models have distinct names within the brand so we can differentiate them from other vehicles in the lineup. We have also seen car models have specific proper names such as GMC Yukon.

We have also seen the vehicles where the model is a number or letter or a combination such as the Audi Q7. We have also seen some famous car model names include Corvette, Explorer, Beetle, Mustang etc. There are car model names that distinguish between the two similar vehicles as sometimes car makers release very similar cars.

Difference Between Car Models

Despite car models being a more precise way to identify the vehicle besides knowing the car make. The car make is not precise enough in many applications & in such situations the exact car models help us in understanding the different car models. The same car is different in terms of buying and selling if it was released again or a new model of the same car. For instance, various trims and model years of vehicles may have been different options such as safety features, engine size, and transmission among others. Such changes affect the value of the vehicle.

Car Model Body Styles

Sometimes the same car model might also include different body styles under the same name. For instance, a single passenger car model might offer a sedan, wagon or a convertible with the same name. Even an SUV crossover might also be referred to as a hatchback. The body styles help in identifying the general shape and functions of the vehicle.

Car Model Year

Car model years are a way to distinguish vehicles and assess their value. Car makers often release the car with new updates and new features in a new year. For instance, cars from the 2020 model year were available to purchase back in 2019.

Car Makes by the Same Manufacturer

Some of the car manufacturers actually have more than one brand under their label. However, these brands are distinct car makes, & it would be incorrect to call an Acura MDX a Honda MDX. These terms are also not interchangeable as you can’t refer to a Honda City as an Acura Civic.

Cars are also identified by logos and by their name. Eventually brand value sells as you can always find both on your vehicle in one place or another. The car model is usually also indicated somewhere on the vehicle, but in the case that it’s not, it will also be on the registration & owner’s manual. This is the everything you need to know about a car make & model.