People often go for a used vehicle instead of a new car, especially when they are new with car handels, need to gain more experience and don’t want to spend too much. But when you are stepping into the used car market you should consider a good vehicle and one of the important aspects regarding this is how many miles is too many for a used car? If you research precisely then you’ll find the top used car and you will be willing to pay the right amount. So, here let us have a look how many miles are too many when it comes to used cars.

How do I tell if a car has too many miles?

Let us take an instance, if you find the two used cars except one has 50,000 miles and the other has 150,000 miles, then the low mileage vehicle is worth more and more desirable to purchase that car. But there are different ways to have a look at it. There is a possibility that the 100,000 miles are almost all highway driving by a commuter as it will be in a better shape than the same vehicle with 50,000 miles that was a former rental car in a city which is hardly driven in the middle.

Similarly a vehicle which is driven 70,000 driven by 5 different owners and incomplete service is the same price as one with 100,000 miles a single owner and all of its service records. So, look out for every such detail on Carfax or Autocheck car reports to have a better idea about the used car you are looking to buy.

Good Condition & Maintenance Records

It is true that mileage is not the only thing that you should take into account when looking for a used car. You should start with the condition of the car and if you don’t find it appropriate then it is surely a red flag. The overall condition of the vehicle and service records are great indicators whether to move ahead with this buy or not.

If the owner has managed the interior & the exterior of the car with regular maintenance and care then look for other aspects in a car. Ask for the maintenance records that show service intervals from all the car has gone through. Have a checklist when you talk to the owner and look over maintenance records.

How Many Miles Are Left?

When you look out for the vehicle then ask for how many miles are left on the car. For instance, if you’re looking at a 100,000 mile vehicle in good condition from a brand whose vehicles often pass the 200,000 mile mark, then you could have as many as 100,000 miles left on that vehicle. And if you drive only 10,000 miles per year that means it has 10 years left to use that vehicle as it seems a pretty good buy.

Not All High-Mileage Vehicles Are Equal

Some of the brands are well known than others for holding their value even with a high number of miles. The top manufacturers like Toyota & Honda can be worth more than other vehicles with the same amount of miles. The Honda Civic & Accord series still have many examples on the road with high mileage.

Used Car Shopping Tips

  • Try to buy a car privately especially if you have cash as you’ll likely need more information this way.
  • Try to find many flaws in the vehicle, test drive and inspect the car and negotiate the deal with it being sold by dealers.
  • Get a full Carfax or Autocheck report to find the service records or receipts. Find the information like how many previous owners cars already had.
  • Get the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic so you can consider purchasing it before actually buying it.
  • If you’re concerned about high mileage, research your chosen vehicle and find out how many miles you can expect to get it if it’s well maintained.

These are the few ways to find out how many miles is too many for used cars. Now you know all the things to find out before buying a used one for you or someone else.