Looking at the current scenario around us, we all are certain that anyone can come in contact with this deadly coronavirus. And to be safe we all need to sanitize our hands, wash our hands occasionally, wear face masks, avoid touching faces and contaminated surfaces. But do we also think about our cars? We know everyone is not going to use their car too much at such times but the virus doesn’t need your permission to pay a visit.

There are many possibilities where you need to be safe, for instance if you are giving rides to someone with a pre-existing condition or some elderly who are more vulnerable to coronavirus. So, we have come up with a few tips on how to clean the important parts of your car to protect you and your loved ones from coronavirus.

What to Use to Clean your Car of Coronavirus:

  • We suggest that you start cleaning with a microfiber cloth. Such cloth cleans the interior surface in a much better way than a standard paper towel or any common piece of cloth or rag.
  • Basic soap and water is very useful and usually works on most surfaces, much like washing your hands with soap and water is very essential to avoid any infection especially coronavirus, it’s just as important when it comes to the cleaning of your vehicle. Any soap water or soap will help you in cleaning your house as you don’t need any fancy or expensive soaps to create an antibacterial to clean your car.
  • While using soap and water, make sure to scrub hard or long enough that it completely clean the surface. But remember you also need to take care of the interiors while cleaning so you don’t damage it while scrubbing it hard.
  • You can also use cleaning spray which has at least 70% of alcohol for soft materials. Avoid using any material that includes bleach or hydrogen peroxide as it can damage your interiors and can lease stains on all over your car.
  • Using spray which contains isopropyl alcohol works great for cleaning cars or making it disinfectant. As we have mentioned that you don’t need any expensive cleaners to get coronavirus rid of your vehicle. Spray containing isopropyl alcohol doesn’t damage the materials inside your car whether you have faux leather, metal or plastic inside your car.
  • The soap water and isopropyl alcohol only applies to hard surfaces only, So while cleaning seats try a little water and laundry detergent or you can also choose from disinfectant from the EPA list we mentioned earlier.
  • While cleaning the touchscreens you need to be very careful. We recommend keeping water and ammonia based cleaning products away from touchscreens. However, you can use a bleach free disinfecting wipe to clean touchscreen panels in your car.

How to Disinfect your Car of Coronavirus

  • Start by simply cleaning out the car, take your time to clean the interiors and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that is not essential in your car. Wash the car normally and use a disinfecting solution once the cleaning is done.
  • Before using any cleaning product, test it before using it in or on your car. Sometimes such products may contain some solutions that can harm your car’s inside.
  • Regularly clean the touchpoints in your car. This includes the door handles, gas caps, rear truck release and even your car keys. Inside clean everything where your hands can reach. Start with the door handles, the door armrest, headlight switch, the steering wheel, windshield wiper, the shifter, touchscreen, seat belts and buckles etc. Sit in every seat inside your car, reach out to every place where the person can reach just by sitting over there. This will help you completely clean your car.

Coronavirus is a global pandemic and is very deadly at the moment, so we suggest cleaning the car from top to bottom and every place in your home too. You don’t have to hurry, all you need to do is take your time to clean the place so this virus can’t harm you or your loved ones in any way. Such a virus can take life in numbers but if we are certain about it, there are good possibilities we all will beat these hard times.