Whenever a person buys a new or a used car then everyone has their criteria. Some of the men/women look for safe vehicles for their family, individuals look for specific purposes or add some performance in their needs, some look for the latest technology in their new cars. The one thing which is common in all these needs is reliability. There are many brands in the market which are very reliable but you must know which vehicle you should consider before buying a new or used car for your services. Here we have listed the most reliable cars brands that you must invest in when buying a new or used car.


If we talk about JD Power Latest Brand Rankings then Porsche gets a 4.6 reliability score because of which it comes at number 1. The most reliable model of Porsche brand is Porsche 911. They usually make a small stable of vehicles with only six in the market. They maintain a legacy and top protective layers because of which these cars are so popular among the people.


It’s a brand that always sits on top consistently in the consumer reports. One of the most valuable, most loved brands along the US citizens is Lexus GK. With an average of 4.6 on reliability score, it is usually can be seen on the roads as people of the country trust this brand. The top ranked car of Lexus include ES, RX & NX.


After dominating the Luxury field, Lincoln is now revolutionising transportation with it’s reliable services. With the average score of 4.0 in the reliability meter, none of the Lincoln vehicles fall below four in the J.D. Power rankings. In fact the vehicles tend to outrank some high performing cars in its competition.


Every person on the road recognises this brand, because it has the most reliable cars in the whole world. With the average score of 3.8 in the reliability score, the consumer moves ahead with this brand. Toyota is associated with vehicle dependability and is often the brand buyers turn to when they want a reliable new car. People from all over the world buy cars from Toyota.


Mercedes is also among the top reliable vehicles, with a reliability score of 3.8 they are making sure that Mercedes makes popular among the people with their services. The automaker has a reliable cadre of vehicles with most of them scoring four out of five from J.D. Power.


This Korean automaker has been in the market for a very long time & has gained the trust of people. The average reliable score Kia has achieved is 3.8. Kia is known for its strong warranty as they even provide services after 10 years too. The best vehicle Kia has introduced as per the reliability is Kia Sedona. Even the Kia Soul is one the top ranked vehicles and won the award of Best Compact car in 2017 for it’s mode.


Just above Honda with an average reliability score of 3.7 with the most reliable vehicle being the BMW i3. All the BMW’s vehicles scored above average with highest ranking are from 4 series & the X6 midsize SUV.


Ranking slightly above Chevrolet with an average reliability score of 3.6, Honda is also listed at 15 in the Consumer Reports list of the most reliable car brands. According to that publication, the most reliable Honda model is the Fit.

Consumer Reports Top 15 Brands

For many years, consumer reports released a comprehensive list for the most reliable & top vehicles. So, let us move forward with this list so you know which brand’s car you need to forward with.

  1. Lexus – 78
  2. Toyota – 75
  3. Mazda – 70
  4. Subaru – 66
  5. Kia – 60
  6. Infiniti – 60
  7. Audi – 59
  8. BMW – 59
  9. Mini – 58
  10. Hyundai – 57
  11. Porsche – 55
  12. Genesis – 51
  13. Acura – 51
  14. Nissan – 50
  15. Honda – 50

Ten Least Reliable Brand

  1. Lincoln
  2. Jeep
  3. Chrysler
  4. Dodge
  5. Chevrolet
  6. Ram
  7. Tesla
  8. GMC
  9. Volvo
  10. Cadillac

So whenever you are stepping in the market you need to look out for reliable cars. You don’t want to invest in low rated and less reliable brands. Check out this blog to find the right brand car for you and your family.