A few years ago it didn’t seem possible to buy a car far away from home. Well nobody ever thought that you can buy a new or used car online on top platforms like Cardealersbay. Never mind because now impossible is also possible with the internet. Now you can find the perfect car halfway across the country without any hassle. You can see lots of photos online & trust other people after seeing the accurate paperwork & get it delivered at your home & then make the payment for it.

After reading it, we are sure it seems very easy to buy a car from far away. Let us tell you, it is as simple as it seems to bring a car to your home. But still let us help you with the process so it becomes easier for you while buying a car from far away.

Start Looking for a car 

You need to start looking for a car on various online platforms like Cardealersbay by changing your region. At Cardealersbay you find many filters which help you buy the exact car with the specifications that you want in your car. It is important to know all the features about the car when you are buying it from far away because you don’t have the luxury of seeing the car in person before you complete the purchase.

At Cardealersbay, you have some features which gives you all the information about the car with all the latest images so you see exactly what you are buying and if you are paying the right amount for it. Look for the maintenance, service, warranty paperwork online and check them before finalising the vehicle.

View the Window Sticker

The window sticker is very helpful as it helps with the information listed in the ad by the dealer varies in quality & quantity. Many times dealers don’t write a proper description, without any proper features, leaving you to guess which option packages are installed. It’s not with every dealer, most of them fill the whole information for people with ease while buying a car. So, to avoid some common mistakes, it is important to access every required document that tells you the correct information about the car.

You also need to check for the color of the car because carmakers have different names for their colors, rather naming the car colors with a simple name. You might get confused & get a car color which you don’t like. For instance, Sapphire Crystal Blue & True Blue Metallic are both hues of color blue. But when it comes to cars then these two are very different shades of blue & can create confusion while buying the car.

We also suggest you to have in depth research about the car online or by visiting a local dealer to find every feature & aspects about the car in which you are interested.

Finalise the Car

After searching for cars, find the car which suits your needs & budget. You don’t have to worry because people shop from out of state every second day. All you need to do is update the PIN code while buying a car from far away so it get it delivered at the right address. Dealers at Cardealersbay help you with every detailed information about your car, provide you with photographs, post video walkarounds of cars too. This will help you select the right car even from far away.

It is very simple when you buy a new car, but when it comes to used cars then the process becomes a bit trickier. As it is important for you to see the car in person & get it checked personally because you must know what you are getting for the price you are paying.


When buying a car online you have to deal in e-documents service. Dealers usually uses the email & mails to send you the purchase agreement. You can also use the third party web site to authenticate the documents & make them legally bind that they are selling a car to you by signing the purchase agreement.

These are the few things which you need to take care when you are buying a new car online from very far away. These tips will make the process easier if you are buying from far away & you won’t face any hassle. There is no problem in buying a car from far away & online. It is rather an easy way to get a new or used car from your home.